Calendi, Giuseppe, Italian engraver (1761-1831). Autograph letter signed.

Florence, 13 March 1802.

4to. 1 p. on bifolium.


Confirmation of a payment by the art dealer Johann Friedrich Frauenholz in Nuremberg signed in the name of the Italian engraver Raffaelo Morghen (1758-1833): "Joint à l'honneur de l'agreable votre du 23. Passé j'accuse la remise sur Auguste de F. 474. 26 dont je soignerai l'encaissement a vr. Credit pour solde du dernier envoy. Tandis que je Vous remercie de votre exactitude, je Vous prie aussi de Vouloir bien m'envoyer Le duplicat de la dite remise, & me renouveller l'honeur de Vos ordres, aux quels toujours devoué je Vous salue bien cordialement […]".

Giuseppe Calendi was a student and business partner of Raffaelo Morghen. Originally based in Naples, Morghen had been invited to Florence by grand duke Ferdinand III in 1782 to make reproductions of the masterworks of the Uffizi Gallery. He founded an acadamy for copper print engraving and earned his international reputation. In 1812 Napoleon invited him to work in Paris but Morghen declined the offer.

Johann Friedrich Frauenholz started as a canvas dealer in Nuremberg and rose to become one of the most important art dealers and collectors of his time. He was co-founder of the first art society in Germany, the "Kunst-Societät", in 1792. Friedrich Schiller und Johann Wolfgang von Goethe were among Frauenholz' correspondents.

With a registrar's mark and traces of seal. Slightly browned.

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