Kontski, Antoine de, Polish pianist and composer (1816-1899). Autograph letter signed.

[Paris], 18. III. 1891.

8vo. 2 pp. on bifolium. With autogr. address.


To Charles de Beauregard, editor of "La Gazette de France", apologizing for a misunderstanding which occurred due to his father's poor command of French. Beauregard's niece, Madame Jourdan, thought that de Kontski would like to play a concert with her, but he is too busy this year: "[...] Mme Jourdan m'a écrit comme si je lui ferait la proposition de donner le concerte avec elle, mais cette année étant tellement occupé des leçons et des soirées [...]".

The Polish-born pianist and composer lived in Paris from 1835 to 1851, and from 1851 to 1853 served as Prussian court pianist in Berlin. After stages in St. Petersburg (1854-67) and London (1867-83) he settled in the United States, teaching in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He died during a concert tour of the world at the age of 82, on the Polish border.

Some stains.

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