Roubaud, Franz, Russian painter (1856-1928). Autograph quotation signed.

[Postmark: Munich, 15 Oct. 1912].

Oblong 8vo (postcard). 1 page.


Inscribed to the German dermatologist Alwin Scharlau: "Der Balkankrieg bleibt lokalisirt, weil ein neues Bü[n]dnis der drei Grossmächte - Deutschland, Frankreich und Russland im entstehen ist [...]".

Apart from large panoramic paintings showing milestones of Russian history, most famously in his 1904 work "Siege of Sevastopol", Roubaud applied himself to themes of the Caucasus, mainly depicting Circassian horsemen as well as market scenes and caravans.

Some ink spots. Self-addressed by the collector on the reverse. The Mecklenburg physician Scharlau (b. 1888) assembled a collection of artists' autographs by personal application.

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