The birth of democracy, fortified against her enemies

Aly, Wolfgang, classical scholar (1881-1962). Autograph quotation signed.

Freiburg, [ca. 1927].

Folio (223 x 282 mm). 1 p. Album leaf with printed border and caption "Beitrag zum Selbstschriftenalbum 'Deutschlands Zukunft'" as well as a printed biographical form, mounted on a sheet of parchment paper (ca. 330 x 344 mm).


With a three-line Greek quotation from Athena's speech to the people of Athens, in the "Eumenides" of Aeschylus: "Neither anarchy nor tyranny - this I counsel my citizens to support and respect, and not to drive fear wholly out of the city" (transl. by Herbert Weir Smyth). Written as a contribution for Friedrich Koslowsky's anthology "Deutschlands Köpfe der Gegenwart über Deutschlands Zukunft", published in Berlin in 1928.


Koslowsky 359 & 386.