The Indian Delegation's mission to Hejaz during the Saudi conquest

[Hejaz diplomacy]. Muhimmat al-Wafd al-Hindi fi al-Hijaz. Mukhabarat rasmiyah min yawm al-Jum'ah 7 Jumada al-Akhirah 1343 (2 Yanayir 1925) ila 4 Rajab 1343 (30 Yanayir 1925).

[Makkah], Wizarat al-Kharijiyah lil-Hukumah al-Hijaziyah, [1925/1926].

Small 4to (156 x 233). 35 pp., final blank page. Original pink printed wrappers.


Very rare account of an official delegation of Indian Muslims (representing Bombay's Jam'iyat al-Khilafah al-Markaziyah al-Hindiyah) to Hejaz in January 1925. It comprises the official correspondence and invitation letters by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hejaz government (Wizarat al-Kharijiyah lil-Hukumah al-Hijaziyah) as well as instructions for mediation between the Saudis and the Hashemites during the Second Saudi-Hashemite War, which ended in early 1926 with the conquest of Hejaz and its and incorporation into the Saudi domain.

Old paper reinforcement removed from spine with remnants of paper and glue, but very well preserved altogether. Extremely rare; OCLC records only two copies (Leiden, Harvard).

OCLC 777001993, 33856084.

Cat. no.: 39 Catalogue: Sharjah International Book Fair