Sighicelli, Vincenzo, Italian violinist and composer (1830-1905). Autograph letter signed.

50 rue basse du rempart [Paris], "Vendredi matin".

8vo. 1½ pp. on bifolium.


To an unnamed pianist inquiring after the title of a Mozart andante that they had played together two years ago in the salon of the writer Marie-Constance Moisson de Vaux, baroness of Montaran (1796-1870): "J'ai eu l'honneur de jouer avec vous, il y a deux ans, chez Madame de Montaran, un andante de Mozart pour orgue, piano et violon. Je désire jouer ce morceau à mon Concert, et je viens vous prier de vouloir bien m'en donner le titre exact. Je l'ai déjà fait chercher mais inutilement, à cause de ma mauvaise indication sans doute [...]".

Vincenzo Sighicelli had moved to Paris in 1855, where he lived as a prolific violinist, teacher, composer and arranger. In 1893 he bought the famous Le Brun Stradivarius once owned and played by Niccolò Paganini.

On stationery with embossed monogram and mourning border. Several minor tears and traces of former mounting.

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