Exceedingly rare UAE topographic maps

[United Arab Emirates]. United Arab Emirates 1:50,000 [and] 1:100,000.

Abu Dhabi, Military Survey, Armed Forces, 1990-1992.

7 colour printed maps. Scale 1:50,000 and 1:1,000,000. In English and Arabic. Folded.


First edition. A set of exceedingly rare UAE topographic maps, compiled from 1:30,000 scale aerial photography taken during 1986 and 1987, presumably based on UK versions. The maps show international boundaries, tracks and paths, bridges, historical landmarks, schools, tree and date plantations, mangroves, oil and gas injection wells, mosques and cemeteries, emergency telephones, water pipelines and tanks, cliffs and rocky areas, as well as other details encountered in the vast desert. Occasionally the average relative height of the dunes is given, reaching up to 45 metres at certain points.

The 6 maps of the 1:50,000 series are sheets number NF-40-01-14, NF-40-01-22, NF-40-01-34, and NF-40-02-11, as well as NG-40-13-54, and NG-40-13-63. The maps of this series "were used extensively for UTM [Universal Transverse Mercator projection coordinate system] Zone 39 rectification. These maps have a local UAE national grid which is equivalent to the UTM grid if a bias of 2,150,000 m in the y-dimension and 150,000 m in the x-dimension are added" (Jensen). The single map of the 1:100,000 series, dating from 1992, is sheet number NG-40-136.

Some pencil marks and circles. The 1:50,000 scaled maps have a stamped six-digit number and a round stamp in Arabic type on the reverse; the 1:100,000 scaled map has a square stamp in Arabic type on the reverse. A few small tears and creases; occasional adhesive tape; paper variously pierced. No copies traceable in libraries internationally.

Jensen [et al.], Coastal Environmental Sensitivity Mapping for Oil Spills in the United Arab Emirates [...] 8.