The past and present of the oral traditions of Bedouin tribes in Arabia, discussed by a renowned Dutch scholar of Arabian languages and cultures

Kurpershoek, Paul Marcel. Oral poetry and narratives from Central Arabia. 1. The poetry of ad-Dindân a Bedouin Bard in Southern Najd. 2. The Story of a Desert Knight. The Legend of Sçwîh al-'Atâwi & Other 'Utaybah Heroes. 3. Bedouin Poets of the Dawâsir Tribe Between Nomadism & Settlement in Southern Najd.

Leiden, New York, Cologne, Brill, 1994-1999.

Large 8vo. 3 volumes. XVII, (5), 368, (4) pp. XIV, (4), 512, (2) pp. XX, 506, (4) pp. With 2 portraits as frontispieces in vols. 1 and 2. 16 pages with illustrations and 2 maps at the end of vols. 2 and 3. Red cloth with title information in gold on front cover and spine of all 3 vols. All 3 vols. have a dust jacket.


Outstanding research on the oral traditions of the Bedouins in central Arabia, divided into 3 volumes containing information on the poetry and narratives of various Bedouin tribes and an analysis and translation of various poems and stories. Kurpershoek has recorded, transcribed and translated all poetry and narratives he discusses in this work.

Since its first publication in 1994-99, this trilogy has been expanded with two additional volumes: vol. 4, published in 2002, deals with Saudi tribal history, while vol. 5 (2005) looks back on almost 20 years of research on and involvement with Arabian oral culture.

The Dutch scholar, author and diplomat P. M. Kurpershoek specialises in Arab studies. Kurpershoek studied Arabic language and culture at the Universities of Leiden and Cairo; since 1974 he has worked for the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs, the UN and NATO. As a professor of languages and cultures of the Islamic Middle East at the University of Leiden, he has performed research on the Bedouins of Saudi Arabia. From 2002 until 2013 he served successively as Dutch ambassador to Pakistan, Turkey, and Poland. Subsequently, from August 2013 until December 2014 he served as envoy to Syria.

Spines of the dust jackets of vols. 1 and 2 are slightly discoloured, otherwise in very good condition.

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