"I love life very much!"

Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin, Russian writer, Nobel laureate (1870-1953). Two autograph quotations signed.

No place, 7 Sept. 1927 and 17 Sept. 1948.

4to and 8vo. Together 2 ff. (296 x 196 mm and 154 x 210 mm). In French.


"I love life very much!": Bunin's intended last words. Responses to two "questionnaires": the first 'Enquête' poses the question, "After your home country, which nation do you prefer?", to which Bunin responds "France"; a second question asks his reasons: his response, "All of them - and everyone knows them" has been cancelled, apparently in his own hand.

The second questionnaire, entitled "Enquête mondiale / Le mot de la fin" ("The last word") inquires, "if you had to end your life with one word, what would be your last word?": Bunin responds (ignoring the parameters somewhat) with the ringing sentiment "I love life very much!".

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