Favrat, Marc (Marquis de), painter, lover of Elisabeth of Romania (fl. 1950s). Autograph letter signed.

Golfe-Juan (Cannes), 2. X. 1957.

4to. 1¾ pp. on bifolium.


To a colonel and friend, with thanks for the recipient's kindness toward Favrat when mourning Princess Elisabeth of Romania: "Voilà presque une année qui m'écarte de la présence 'réelle' da Sa Majesté! [...] Et vous avez pourtant, en des moments très difficiles, facilité, sinon amélioré l'atmosphère 'famille' qui venait, a-t-on dit, épauler ma douleur [...]".

Marc Favrat had met Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956) in France, where she finally settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947 when the Romanian People's Republic had been proclaimed. The much younger aspiring artist Favrat became Elisabeth's lover, equerry (or Grand Chamberlain), and adopted son in the year of her death.

On mourning paper with printed monogram.

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