Aurèle, Adrien Dupin, French actor (fl. 1858-1874). Autograph letter signed.

N. p., 15. X. 1874.

12mo. 1 p. on bifolium.


Interesting letter to the actor Louis Péricaud, offering him 40 francs, train tickets and dinner to play the character Rodin in "The Wandering Jew", likely an adaptation of Eugène Sue's 1844 novel, in Chartres: "Je vous donnerai 40 fr. et vous paierai notre voyage aller retour en 2ème plus notre dîner le dimanche 25 octobre prochain à Chartres pour y venir jouer le rôle de Rodin dans : Le Juif errant. Nous répéterons lundi, je vous ferai connître l'heure [...]".

While Adrien Dupin Aurèle is largely forgotten, the recipient Louis Péricaud (1835-1909) was one of the great French comic actors of his time. In 1872, Péricaud established himself in Paris after touring in the French province for many years. He was engaged at the Folies-Dramatiques, then at the Théâtre de Cluny, and at the famous Théâtre de l'Ambigu, where Adrien Dupin Aurèle had played before. From 1891, Péricaud was a close collaborator of Coquelin aîné, first at the Porte Saint-Martin and subsequently at the Gaîté-Lyrique.

With two minor tears and bent corners.

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