Arabian American Oil Company. Personnel and Employment Information.

San Francisco, 21. VIII. 1946.

4to. 3 typescript pp. Stapled.


Terms of contract for Aramco employees, covering issues like citizenship, duty in Saudi Arabia, travel to the Middle East, housing, medical service, hours of work, recreation, and home leave.

The document indicates a shortage of married living quarters, requiring newly hired married employees "to live in Saudi Arabia for at least twenty-four months, or their initial tour of duty, without their families. Availability of houses thereafter depends to a large extent upon the procurement of equipment and the erection of housing. This matter is receiving the Company's close attention, as it is not the policy to separate a man from his family for a period longer than absolutely necessary [...]".

Conforming with local customs, Aramco orders Friday instead of Sunday to be the day of rest, recommends recreational activities including swimming, tennis, golf, baseball and bowling, and points out that "liquor is served at the club houses by special permission of the King of Saudi Arabia".

Some handwritten figures in pencil on verso. A rare and early survival.

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