Arabian American Oil Company. Instructions for Handling Accompanied or Unaccompanied Baggage.

San Francisco, 21. I. 1947.

4to. 3 typescript pp.


Baggage restrictions for Aramco employees travelling to Saudi Arabia. This information sheet specifies baggage weight allowances and insurance, instructs the employee to keep detailed inventories of his luggage, as well as to pack toiletries separately, and to fill out the affidavit for unaccompanied baggage, pointing out that "the employee should not anticipate the receipt of his unaccompanied baggage for a period of approximately 90 days, as the shipment will be forwarded via ocean freight, and sea voyages are subject to changes in routing, ports of call and operating schedules".

Prepared by the Employees' Relations Department. The paragraph headed "Shipping Instructions" has been crossed out by hand with a reference to the Aramco office in New York, where up-to-date instructions may be obtained.

Traces of stapling.

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