Arabian American Oil Company. Grand Jury Proceedings - Washington D.C. Screening of Field Files.

Dhahran, 9. IX. 1952.

4to. (2) typescript pp.


Material related to the 1952/53 Grand Jury investigation Aramco's role in an alleged international oil cartel: instructions for the delivery of material from the field to Aramco's legal department in New York, seeking to comply with the subpoena of August 1952. Signed by Aramco official William L. Owen.

The subpoena instructed Aramco to produce hundreds of documents, comprising substantially all their records relating to foreign operations for the past 25 years, before a Washington Grand Jury. The present document distinguishes between material requiring photostating prior to shipping and such ready to be shipped immediately, regulates the wrapping and labelling of packages, and instructs every department and district to establish a numerical system to keep track of all envelopes or packages.

The Grand Jury proceedings arose from a lengthy report to the Federal Trade Commission on petroleum operations of two foreign and five American companies and their subsidiaries and affiliates in the production of crude oil and petroleum products in foreign lands. In 1953 Aramco's motion to be dropped as a defendant was granted. On 21 April 1953 the Department of Justice filed a civil suit against the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Socony-Vacuum Oil Company of California, Texas Company, and Gulf Oil Corporation, charging them with establishing a "combination and conspiracy and monopolization" in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Wilson Tariff Act.

The second page has a list of names of those individuals assigned to the screening of field files. Small marginal flaws. A rare survival.

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