Arabian American Oil Company - Vidal, F[ederico] S. Arabian American Oil Company conducted Tours. Recreation Section. A Tour of al-Hasa Oasis.

Dhahran, November 1952.

4to. (3), 5 typescript pp. With 3 plans of al-Hasa Oasis and Hofuf. Stapled.


Extremely rare guide book for a tour to the Al-Hasa Oasis for employees of Aramco.

This compact introduction describes history and climate of the oasis, landmarks of Hofuf, caves, forts, villages and hot springs, and pointing out the 'Ain Najm medicinal sulphur springs north of Hofuf and their representative character: "Whenever a member of the Royal Family or a high dignitary of the government goes to Hofuf, it is customary that he be entertained at least once at 'Ain Najm". Further, the document includes two plans of Hofuf, labelling landmarks, administrative buildings, markets, hospitals and schools, including the Ibrahim Mosque, Faisal Mosque, and Aramco recruiting office, and strongly recommends a Friday visit to the Harrah springs: "In the Harrah spring, the abundant water, the Friday wash, the palms, donkeys and water lifts, and the wall that separates the women's bath from the men's certainly offer in one place the best combination of most of the characteristic elements present in the life of the Hasawis".

Prepared by the anthropologist and surveyor Federico S. Vidal of Aramco's Arabian Research Divison, who would develop this typescript first into a 216-page study, published in 1955, and subsequently into a 3-volume Harvard Ph.D. thesis in 1964.