Arabian American Oil Company. Arabian Oil Headlines.

Dhahran, March 1952 and January 1954.

Folio (280 x 432 mm). Together 8 pp. on 2 bifolia. With several black-and-white photographic prints.


Two issues of the Aramco newspaper. These journals present a digest of news stories for Aramco staff and associates "selected from articles appearing in magazines and newspapers in the United States and elsewhere. The stories represent the points of view of the individual publications concerned and are reprinted here in an effort to provide a cross-section of what the world press is reporting on Aramco, Aramco employees and Middle East oil activities" (Editor's Note).

The present issues relate to the vast expansion of Aramco air cargo, the election of R. L. Keyes as the company's president and director, desert transportation, the role of American teachers in Saudi Arabia, and a family "eager to return" to Abqaiq after the birth of their daughter. The main article in the 1954 issue applauds Islamic tradition as the key component for advancing Western civilization in the Middle Ages, pointing out that "we Americans can thank the Islamic tradition for our numerals, our knowledge of Greek science, our steel industry, and the discovery of the country in which we live".

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