On gemstones and dyeing, perfumes, and methods of making artificial pearls

[Alchemical manuscript]. Majmua' al-Sanaye' [A Treatise on Gemstones and Alchemy].

India, [1693/94 CE =] 1105 H.

Tall 8vo (117 x 201 mm). Persian manuscript on cream-coloured oriental paper. 85 ff. 13 lines of black nasta'liq with some words picked out in red ink, written space within blue and double red rules, pages bordered with additional single blue rule. Slightly later blindstamped full auburn leather (spine professionally renewed).


A highly interesting and wide-ranging treatise on metallurgy, jewels, stones, dyeing, perfumes, methods of making artificial gems and pearls, fireworks, etc. Two other copies of this work, sometimes also known as the Jawahir al-Sanayi', are in the National Library of Tehran (inv. no. 5-15785 and 5-20102), one of which is dated AH 1238 (1822/23 CE).

Finely preserved. The pretty, somewhat later binding is signed by the bookbinder with an Arabic blindstamp, "made by Muhammad Uthman Sahab Jalal Anari".