Adam, Paul, French novelist (1862-1920). 9 autograph letters signed and 1 autograph lettercard signed.

N. p., ca. 1897-1917.

Various formats. Altogether 22 pp.


Correspondence spanning at least two decades, including a lettercard and a letter addressed to the journalist and author Jean de Bonnefon (1867-1928), two letters to the journalist Jules Huret (1863-1915), and one to the historian Frédéric Masson (1847-1923). The lettercard to Bonnefon, dated 4 December 1906 (postmark), concerns the acceptance of Adam's novel "Irène et les eunuques" by his publisher Ollendorff. This novel is mentioned in two more letters, including one to an unnamed critic, wherein Adam thanks for a positive review, also mentioning that the publisher Henri Letellier broke an unspecified promise. In the second letter to Bonnefon that can be dated to around 1909, Adam mentions Bonnefon's latest publication of essays "La corbeille des roses, ou, Les dames de lettres".

In the letter to Masson, Adam informs his friend that Ollendorff was planning to release "Au jour le jour" in a few days, which would date the letter to 1910.

In one of the letters to Huret, dated January 1910, Adam announces the publication of his novel "Le Trust" after he had revised it "during seven months", inviting his friend to write a review. The second, undated letter to Huret was to make an appointment.


Some browning, occasional creases. Collector's marks in crayon.

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