Lessing, Doris, Schriftstellerin und Nobelpreisträgerin (1919-2013). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U. ("Doris").

London, 11. V. 1982.

¾ S. 4to.


An den schwedischen Schriftsteller und Journalisten Ingmar Björkstén: “I am sorry I have taken so long. All kinds of things got in the way, one of them being a visit from my daughter from South Africa. But al last, here it is [...] How are you I wonder? It sounds as if you really did enjoy Japan. I am going there in November for the British Council. I feel very apprehensive, because my style when lecturing is to be informal, not to say chatty, whereas they are, I know, formal and do not easily ask questions [...]".

Mit kleinem Einriß im rechten Rand.

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