Lafagette, Raoul, French poet and journalist (1842-1913). Autograph letter signed.

Foix, 25. XII. 1874.

8vo. 4 pp. on bifolium.


Highly interesting letter, very likely to Victor Hugo, thanking him for comments on an article, mentioning ongoing negotiations for the publication of the anthology "Les Accalmies", and commenting on the political situation in France following the election of the royalist president Patrice de MacMahon. While the recipient is admiringly addressed as "Très-cher maître et illustre ami" but not named, the connection to Hugo is obvious as Lafagette mentions several people close to Hugo, particularly Auguste Vacquerie, Émile Deschanel, Léon Laurent-Pichat, Louis Jourdan, and Alfred Asseline. Apparently, Lafagette had written an article for Vacquerie's journal Le Rappel that ultimately didn't appear, leading Lafagette to the lamentation: "One is surprised that the youth despises the ideal and the struggle, when those who want to do their duty meet only coldness and silence!" The appreciation of "a great soul" like the recipient's, on the other hand, consoled Lafagette. Concerning, the publication of "Les Accalmies", Lafagette mentions negotiations with the publisher Paul Daffin. Personal letters from the recipient and an article by Deschanel in Le National served as credentials for Lafagette in the negotiations. In case of its publication, he expected positive reviews by "Laurent-Pichat, Deschanel, Jourdan, Asseline", while "others will imitate them or will take the opposite view", joking that he "can count on lenient or hostile critics." The anthology ultimately appeared in 1876 in the Librairie de L'Eau-forte with a quote from a letter by Hugo on the title page.

Lafagette thanks the recipient for his "splendid politico-historical articles" that are "the joy" of him and his mother. While he states that "Bonapartism is struggling" he nevertheless fears the "specters of Versailles" that might lead to a "Caesarean restauration". In closing, he invokes political action and the spirit of the revolution: "The future will be the son of our acts, not of our prayers.

My heart goes out to you and to the Revolution".

In a short postscript, Lafagette thanks the recipient for a photograph: "Your photograph gave me the greatest pleasure. I thank you for this charming attention." This can be connected to a portrait photograph of Hugo with a dedication to Lafagette that was on the French market in 2019. Although the dedication isn't dated, the photograph by Étienne Carjat itself dates to 1872, which is perfectly consistent with Lafagette's letter.

On stationery with printed monogram. Traces of folds.

Slightly toned.

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