Thureau-Dangin, Paul, French historian and Perpetual Secretary of the Académie française (1837-1913). Autograph letter signed.

N. p., "8 mars", n. y.

12mo. 1 p. on bifolium.


To a fellow member of the Académie française, originally accompanying a letter in connection with the Fondation Dosne-Thiers. Apparently, the recipient was part of the "commission Dosne" within the Académie, which had been approached by a Madame Rabot, possibly the wife of the geographer, glaciologist, arctic explorer, and writer Charles Rabot (1856-1944), in an undisclosed matter: "Voici une lettre qui regarde la commission Dosne. J'ai répondu à Mde Rabot que je transmettais sa lettre à cette commission, qui seule avais compétence à cette affaire sa solution qui conviendrait." - On stationery of the Académe française.

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