Malevich, Kazimir, Russian painter and art theoretician (1879-1935). Autograph postcard signed.

Kiev, 20. XII. 1929.

Oblong 8vo. 1 p. With autograph address.


In Russian, to his third wife, Natalya Andreevna (née Manchenka, 1902-90), on being terribly busy, and some plans to meet her on the 25th: "[...] I bought the ticket via Moscow again, so if I do not stop over in Moscow for a day because of the matter with Glawiskusstwo and the porcelain, I will arrive on the morning of the 25th by fast train, or on the morning of the 26th if I must stay the day [...] Overshoes cannot be found here, they have only black ones, but only upon presentation of the receipt. Maybe I'll get some at Moscow [...] I don't know how it will work out in Kiev. There is a lot of trouble at the moment [...]".


Malewitsch über sich. Zeitgenossen über Malewitsch. Briefe. Dokumente. Erinnerungen. Kritik. Bd. 1, Moskau 2004, Nr. 22.

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