Trollope, Thomas Adolphus, English writer (1810-1892). Autograph letter signed.

Rome, 2. VI. 1882.

2 ½ pp. on bifolium. 8vo.


To an unidentified recipient: "I am very much obliged to you for giving me an opportunity of seeing the pamphlets you sent me. The things stated are truly horrible. I do not think Miss Colbe's pamphlets are calculated to help the cause with any body who is aware that a great controversy has arisen, they are so evidently unfair, onesided, and prejudiced […]".

Thomas Adolphus Trollope published several novels and over 60 works on travel, history and biography. He settled in Florence, where he spent many years and his house became the great gathering place for the Brownings, Dickens, George Eliot and many other English writers visiting Italy.

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