Pasteur, Louis, French chemist and microbiologist (1822-1895). Letter signed ("L. Pasteur").

Paris, 4. II. 1892.

8vo (171 x 108 mm). 2 pp.


In French, to an unidentified colleague: "We do not vaccinate dogs because it would create too much congestion and our kennels would not be big enough to take them all in. The law is definite: Any dog bitten by a dog either rabid or suspected of being rabid must be put down. However I find it very hard to give you a negative answer if the dog belongs to you and you want to keep it. If this is the case, send your dog to the Institute Pasteur tomorrow and it will be vaccinated during the following three weeks." - An important letter in which Pasteur quotes the law on rabid dogs but shows a softer side when it comes to saving a beloved pet. On his personalized stationery; four punctures at left margin not affecting text.

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