Barthes, Roland, French philosopher and semiotician (1915-1980). Autograph calling card signed ("RB").

[Paris], 22. III. 1972.

2 pp. 32mo.


To [Madame Irma Antonetti of the Italian Cultural Association (Associazione Culturale Italiana) in Turin]. Barthes thanks her for her word, telling her that they could arrange his timetable the way she liked. "mais je vous demande de ne pas trop le charger, à cause de ma santé" ("but I ask you not to overcharge it because of my health"). Barthes asks her whether it would be possible for him to have free moments. In Turin contact should be made with Davico at Einaudi (i. e. Guido Davico Bonino, born in 1938, professor of theatre history at the University of Turin, worked for the publisher Einaudi from 1961 to 1978). Barthes ends his letter by thanking her.

With punched hole (slightly touching text).

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