About establishing an Institute of International Studies in Rome

Einstein, Albert, German-born physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). 2 typed letters signed ("A. Einstein").

Princeton, NJ, 28 July & 16 August 1951.

4to. 2 ff.


To Dr. Alessandro Cortese. The first letter (July 28) concerns Cortese's visit ("If convenient I suggest Wednesday afternoon"), the second (August 16) was written afterwards: "I am grateful for the informations [!] you gave me on your visit last week. The realization of your plan to establish a[n] Institute of International Studies in Rome seems to me desirable; because such an Institute could vitalize that supra-national point of view which is so important for the solution of the international problems and could reach those persons who are most influential in this respect [...]". An unsigned carbon copy is recorded at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Archival Call Number: 59-452).

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