Based on Avicenna

Silvaticus, Matthaeus. Opus pandectarum Matthei Silvatici cum quotationibus auctoritatum Ply. Gal. et aliorum in locis suis: necnon cum Simone Januense: ac Tabula.

Venice, Simone da Lovere, 12 Jan. 1511.

Folio (217 x 298 mm). 198 ff. With one woodcut initial. Late 19th c. boards. Edges sprinkled in red.


Fine post-incunabular printing of this important medical compendium and pharmacopoeia, replete with Arabic-derived terminology, strongly based on Avicenna, Serapion the Younger (Ibn Wafid), and Dioscorides. Matthaeus Silvaticus, active around 1300, "was one of the most important medieval botanists and pharmacologists. His magnificent compilation from works of earlier physicians, with occasional observations and opinions of his own, presents its subjects in alphabetical order, making this effectively a kind of dictionary. The book's principal value lies in the explanations of various specialist terms from all fields of medicine, in particular several of Arabic origin" (cf. Hirsch/Hübotter IV, 117).

Occasional light browning. Annotated throughout in red ink by a contemporary physician's hand. A good copy despite the unsophisticated modern binding.


Edit 16, CNCE 69665. Durling 4206. Panzer VIII, 404, 543. Proctor/Isaac 12960. Wellcome I, 5972. Not in Adams, Bird, Lesky, Osler, or Waller.

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