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A remarkable autograph album signed by several of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century

Einstein, Albert, German-born physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). 1950 Princeton autograph book with entries by Einstein, Oppenheimer, von Neumann, Bohr, Pauli, and many others.

Princeton, mostly 1950, (some undated), but one 1953.

8vo. 34 entries on 90 ff. Hardcover autograph album.

An album signed by numerous luminaries from Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study, including Albert Einstein, John von Neumann, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli, Abraham Pais, George Kennan, Oswald Veblen, James Waddell Alexander II, Hermann Weyl, Harold F. Cherniss, Ivan M. Linforth, Kurt Reidemeister, Walter W. Stewart, E. A. Lowe, Erwin Panofsky, Herbert Feis, Atle Selberg, Arnold J. Toynbee, Max Radin, David Mitrany, Y. K. Wong, and others. A vintage candid oblong 8vo portrait of Einstein is loosely inserted at the end. The entries are inscribed to the then twenty-year-old physicist William R. Bennett, Jr. (1930-2008), who received his bachelor's degree at Princeton before taking a doctorate in physics from Columbia. In 1960, Bennett co-invented the first gas laser at Bell Labs, then in 1962 joined the newly formed department of physics and applied science at Yale. In 1964, he was named a professor of physics and applied science at Yale, and remained there for the rest of his career.

Front cover gilt-stamped "W. B. Jr.". In fine condition, with some wear to the album's covers and vertical creases to the photograph.