Map of Alois Musil's travels in Northern Arabia

[Map - Middle East]. Musil, Alois. Northern Arabia according to the original investigations of Alois Musil [...].

New York, American Geographical Society, 1926.

Four maps (600 x 620 mm) printed in black and brown, kept folded in a grey cloth pocket.


Map of modern Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in four parts, illustrating the travels of Alois Musil in 1908-1915 and published as part of a series of books and maps by Musil. Musil "mapped the topography, collected a large number of plants and in 1911 helped make observations that led to the first general sequence of the Phanerozoic geological succession of north-west Arabia". An inset in the map shows terrain elevations for several parts of the region.

Alois Musil (1868-1944) was a Czech orientalist and explorer and professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Prague. The collection of works which includes this map was published by the American Geographical Society with funding by the American industrialist and Arabist Charles R. Crane (1858-1939).

In very good condition.


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