[Kindergarten]. Canti ad uso degli asili di carità per l'infanzia.

Milano, Giovanni Ricordi, 1844.

Folio (ca. 248 x 354 mm). XL pp., 37 numbered engraved plates of music, 1 blank, (3), 3 blank pp. Contemporary moirée silk.


Compilation of 20 songs to be sung and played in kindergarten, beginning with the lyrics by G. Poggiolini Lodigiani, F. De Bernardi, A. Manzoni, G. Ausenda, F. Dall'Ongaro and some anonymous authors, followed by the corresponding music plates with compositions by Rossini, Bellini, Carlo Boniforti, Verdi, Giussani, Haydn, and Negri. Subdivided into three parts: Canti per la giornata, Canti rituali e religiosi, Canti di circostanza. Dedicated to Maria Elisabeth of Savoy, Vicereine of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia (1800-56).

Binding a little brownstained, spine slightly rubbed. A lovely, rare musical print with decorative blue framing.

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