Slatin Pasha - Eleven Years a Captive of the Mahdists in the Sudan

Slatin-Pascha, Rudolf von, administrator in the Sudan, politician, and adventurer (1857-1932). Archive of first-hand contemporary documents concerning the escape of Slatin Pasha.

Various places, ca. 1895.

Autograph document in Arabic. 8vo. 1 p. Accompanied by the first published account of Slatin's escape: 3 consecutive issues of the Pall Mall Gazette, 23-25 April 1895 (42 x 37 cm each). Wrapped as a parcel within a bifolium of the Times, inscribed "Slatin Bey's Escape" by Sir Reginald Wingate.


An archive of first-hand contemporary documents concerning the escape of Slatin Pasha (Major-General Rudolf Anton Carl Freiherr von Slatin, 1857-1932), who was held prisoner for eleven long years by the Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad and his successor. The material was assembled by General Sir Reginald Wingate of the Egyptian Intelligence Department, who facilitated the escape and assisted on the perilous three-week, thousand-kilometre journey across the Nubian desert to Aswan, Egypt. "Probably the most famous European in the history of the Sudan, this Austrian survived as a captive of the Mahdi from 1883 until his escape to Egypt in 1895. His knowledge of the Sudan and its people was unrivalled and after the re-conquest he was appointed Inspector-General, second in authority only to the Governor-General, Reginald Wingate, of whom he was a great personal friend" (H. Keown-Boyd, Soldiers of the Nile [1996], p. 174).

The archive includes an Arabic document presumed to be written by Slatin Pasha (1 p. on thick handmade paper, 16 x 25 cm). Any writing by Slatin Pasha in Arabic is exceedingly scarce. Also, Slatin Pasha's first published account of his captivity and escape in Sudan, in three consecutive "Special Edition" issues of London's Pall Mall Gazette newspapers, preceding his book "Fire and Sword in the Sudan" by an entire year. Dated 23, 24, 25 April 1895 respectively, each contains 1 of 3 parts of Slatin's account entitled "The Story of My Flight". Each issue measures 42 x 37 cm. Wear to extremities and folds, otherwise very good. A scarce contemporary report, complete and in original condition.

Wrapped together within contemporary leaves of the Times, forming a parcel and inscribed by Sir Reginald Wingate "Slatin Bey's Escape", addressed in his secretary's hand to "Miss Campbell, Cawley Priory" - evidently a close friend or relative of Slatin's who Wingate thought would appreciate knowledge of his safety as soon as possible.

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