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International petroleum operations in the Middle East

[World Petroleum]. Map of Oil Concessions in the Middle East.

New York, World Petroleum, 1960.

Colour-printed map, 710 x 446 mm. Folded.

A detailed map issued by the New York-based World Petroleum publications, showing the oil concessions granted in every major area in the Middle East: Aden, Bahrain, Dhofar, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Oman, the then "Neutral Zone" between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Trucial Coast (now the UAE), and Yemen. While in 1960 oil production was just beginning in the Shaikhdoms that would soon emerge as the Emirates, the maps shows that concessions were even then granted to the Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast) Ltd., a subsidiary of Petroleum Concessions Ltd. (IPC). Offshore, concessions were held by Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Ltd. and Dubai Marine Areas Ltd. ("expires 2012"), both co-owned by British Petroleum (two-thirds) and the Compagnie Francaise des Petroles (one third).

Some staining to upper and left edge, otherwise fine.