[Jesuits]. Collection of 10 sonnets.

No place, 18th century.

Italian and Latin manuscripts on paper. Various sizes (8vo to folio). Altogether (33) pp. on 7 bifolia and 6 single sheets.


Interesting collection of manuscript poetry probably composed by a group of Jesuits at the time of the suppression of the order between 1767 and 1773. It mainly comprises sonnets in Italian, one bearing a reference to Lorenzo Ricci (1703-75), the last Superior General of the Society, who was imprisoned at the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome after the Society's suppression by Pope Clement XIV in 1773: "Ricci crollando l'orgogliosa testa / Chiamò fremente i suoi compagni, e disse / Reco novella, o figli miei, funesta / Il rio Clemente il gran decreto scrisse [...]".

Further items include a transcript of the Latin inscription beneath the painting of the Jesuit missionary Gabriel Malagrida in Rome, who was executed in 1761, a supplication issued by Rome upon the death of Clement XIV to the "re cattolico", the Spanish King Charles III (1716-88), as well as two sonnets with identical texts, titled "Al sepolcro di Papa Clemente XIV".

Occasional brownstaining; some small marginal flaws.

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