A journey to Mesopotamia

[Stereoscopic Cards]. Collection of 22 Stereoscopic Cards published by Sunbeam Tours, Underwood & Underwood, and others.

London, Ottawa (Kansas), Philadelphia, and Burnley, ca. 1897-1918.

Ca. 178 x 97 mm. In original brown book-shaped card case with silver-stamped spine by Underwood & Underwood. Together with two cards with test images and instructions for the use of the stereoscope by Underwood & Underwood.


Twelve cards published by Sunbeam Tours which document a naval journey to Mesopotamia with views of the Arabian coastline, the banks of the Shatt al-Arab, the railway from the port of Al-Maqal to Basra, a gunboat and a hospital ship on the river Tigris, the town of Amara, and scenes of everyday life in the region. Six of seven Underwood & Underwood stereoscopic cards depict the coronation procession of King Edward VII on 9 August 1902. One card shows the arrival of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra "at St. Paul's Cathedral on Thanksgiving Day". A card published by Excelsior Telescopic Tours depicts the kennels of the famous Scottish breeder Robert Chapman. "The Lake in the Gardens" of Fontainebleau and the "Captured German submarine of the 'Deutschland' type", dating to WWI, by two different publishers, are added to the collection.

Insignificant foxing to some photographs, with occasional tears and creases.