Comparing his prophetic work 'Atlantis-Europe' to "speaking of rope in the house of a hanged man"

Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich, Russian novelist, poet, religious thinker, and literary critic (1866-1941). Autograph letter signed ("D. Merejkovsky").

Paris, 26. VI. 1934.

4to (267 x 205 mm). 1½ pages. In French.


To Henriette Roggers-Farrère, the wife of the French novelist Claude Farrère. Merezhkovsky thanks Henriette (who is in the Basque country, recovering from an accident) and her husband "for the very touching care which you take over my poor 'Atlantis"', and he will pass on a letter of recommendation to Paul Valéry. "But, alas! I have little hope, for decidedly it appears that it is forbidden to speak of Atlantis in Europe as it is of rope in the house of a hanged man".

Merezhkovsky's "The Secret of the West: Atlantis-Europe" was published in Berlin in 1930. In it, the author writes in apocalyptic terms of the destruction of the ancient Atlantis and draws analogies to the decline and imminent collapse of Europe. The recipient of the letter, the actress Henriette Roggers, married the writer Claude Farrère in 1919.

In fine condition.

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