Wirt, Wigand, Dominican friar (1460-1519). Document (copy, unsigned).

[Stuttgart, 9 Oct. 1506].

Small folio (ca. 220 x 315 mm). Latin manuscript on paper. 1 page. With a pen-and-ink initial.


Affirmation of orthodoxy by the German Dominican friar Wigand Wirt, best known for his polemical writings attacking the Catholic doctrine of Immaculate Conception. A notarially certified copy of a 1506 charter in delicate penmanship, prepared around 1510.

Wirt was forced to protest his orthodoxy after complaints were lodged against his "Dialogus apologeticus" by the Franciscan Observants and other members of the German clergy. He concludes by submitting to the "right" faith: "Hoc igitur veritatis [con]fidentia suffultus meipsum et om[n]ia mea scripta Romane eccl[es]ie et om[n]ibus divi[n]as litteras pio et no[n] depravato colentibus affectu subicio corrigendos in quor[um] fidem sigillum officii mei p[rese]ntib[us] duxi apponend[um]". The document is likely a reaction to an instruction issued by the Archbishop of Mainz, Jakob von Liebenstein, on 28 July 1506, to confiscate all copies of the "Dialogus". Wirt would be forced to pronounce further retractions in Rome and Heidelberg from 1512 onwards.

Two later notes on verso: "De Wesaliensi" and "T. t t.".

Traces of folds; very well preserved. Unpublished and hitherto unevaluated in scholarly literature.

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