Nigra, Constantino, Italian diplomat (1828-1907). Letter signed.

Paris, 2. VI. 1864.

Small folio. 2 pp.


To the Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Emilio Visconti-Venosta (1829-1914), in response to an official request from the Italian government concerning the treatment of Polish refugees on the French border as a result of the unsuccessful January Uprising against the Russian Empire. Nigra relates information that he obtained from the French minister of Foreign Affairs, Édouard Drouyn de Lhyus. According to Drouyn de Lhuys, the Polish refugees were allowed to enter the country and were allocated minor financial support in view of the "scarcity of the treasury". Nigra adds that the Imperial minister "does not believe that the hospitality granted by France under these circumstances could give reason to international complaints".

The Polish-Lithuanian insurgency of 1863/64 was inspired by the successful Italian independence movement. A small Italian unit of volunteers called the "Garibaldi Legion" joined the Polish struggle but was crushingly defeated in the Battle of Krzykawka on 5 Mai 1863.

Constantino Nigra served in France as chargé d'affaires and later as minister plénipotentaire of the young Kingdom of Italy between 1855 and 1876. Postings as ambassador in St Petersburg, London, and Vienna followed.

Traces of folds. With marks of receipt and registry. Minor tears and browning to the upper margin.

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