Filomarino della Rocca, Jacques (Giacomo), vice legate of Avignon (fl. 1780). Document signed.

Avignon, 7. IX. 1779.

4to. 1 page on bifolium. Watermark: crown and bell.


A letter of safe conduct issued to the Jewish merchant Jassé Crémieu from the city of Carpentras, valid for a period of six months, during which presentation of this document will prevent Crémieu's arrest by his creditors in Avignon. Said creditors can still have Crémieu summoned and sentenced under criminal law, but only after the six-month period has passed: "Pour Raisons à nous connues, nous accordons à Jassé Crémieu neg[ocian]t juif de la ville de Carpentras sauf conduit et assurance de sa personne pendant le terme de six mois [...] il sera néan-moins permis aux dites créanciers de faire assigner le dite Cremieu et d'obtenir des sentences contrôlées, lesquelles ne pourront être exécutées contre Sa personne pendant lesdites six mois, si terrent pour cause criminelles [...]".

"A group of seven creditors of the Jewish community of Carpentras sued Jassé-Haïn Crémieu, son of the rich former syndic Jassuda-David Crémieu, who was the guarantor for many loans contracted by the former Jewish community. Crémieu was naturalized as French citizen settled in 1785 in Arles. In the year VII his son argued that the naturalization released his father and heirs from any individual responsibility to the creditors of the Jewish community of Carpentras. This argument was so weak that Jassé-Hain Crémieu was ready to turn over to the seven creditors six houses valued before 1789 at 40,000 livres which he owned in the Carpentras ghetto" (Zosa Szajkowski, Jews and the French Revolutions of 1789, 1830 and 1848 [New York, 1970], p. 646).

The rubrum on the verso states that the passport was based on the one accorded by the king. Extremeties slightly browned, with traces of old folds.

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