Xanrof, Léon, French humourist, musical artist, playwright and songwriter (1867-1953). Autograph calling card.

10, rue Cholozé [Paris], no date.

Oblong calling card format. 2 pp. On mourning paper. In French.


To an acquaintance, urging him to set a date for his visit to Borginal, as he is about to leave for a vacation, asking him to repeat the name of the station at which he must disembark: "Il faut absolument que je vous voie. Quel jour puis je aller à Borginal, si vous ne pouvez venir à Paris? Je vous en supplie, repondez moi, car je pars bientôt en vacances! Affectueusement à vous [...] Ah! Et puis soyez assez aimable pour me rappeler le nom de votre station?".

"Gil Blas" printed below the name: a reference to Xanrof's two-year involvement with the literary periodical of the same name. The Montmartre address is significant in that it is an area where the Chat Noir establishment first gained popularity and where Xanrof performed.

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