Raoult, Jean Xavier. Four photographs from "Collection de types des Peuples de Russie, Roumanie et Bulgarie".

Odessa, ca. 1878.

220 x 173 mm, 227 x 232 mm, 232 x 186 mm, 252 x 209 mm. All mounted on cardboard (480 x 326 mm).


Beautiful samples from Raoult's famous series, portraying a group of merchants during tea ceremony and an abacus salesman, both in the governorate of Nizhny Novgorod, a Tartar boy in Kazan, and an Orthodox priest of the Causcasus region.

Jean Xavier Raoult (fl. 1860-90) established a successful photo studio in Odessa around 1860. "Collection de types des Peuples de Russie, Roumanie et Bulgarie" is Raoult's most famous series, documenting the daily life of people predominantly in the southern regions of the Russian Empire and some of its neighboring countries. Raoult was also active as a landscape photographer; he documented the 1877/78 Russian-Turkish War and accompanied the art historian Nikodim Kondakov on an extensive expedition to the Northern Caucasus, Georgia, and Armenia and later to Athos and Palestine from 1879 to 1882. His photographs won prizes at the Paris Geographic Exhibition (1875) and at the World Exhibition in Paris (1878).

All photographs well preserved with minimal staining. The mounting cardboards showl insignificant foxing, browning and minor tears.

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