Bromfield, Louis, American writer (1896-1956). 2 autograph letters signed.

[Paris, December 1935].

8vo. Together 3 pp. on 2 leaves. With autograph envelope.


To the writer and publisher Maurice Delamain (1883-1974) about his rather boring but very productive summer, mentioning the writer Martin Roger du Gard, who praised two of his novels, and concluding with a lunch invitation: "This is just a line to say that I am still alive and to ask news of publishing plans. Also I am enclosing a note to Martin Roger du Gard. Will you please forward it to him? He wrote me a charming note about Vingt Quatre Heures et Hors la Famille. As you know I had my parents with me all summer and so was unable to go anywhere. And in addition I have been working very hard - two novelettes and the greater part of a very long novel which takes place in India. It will be published in England, America and Sweden in the late spring or early autumn. I hope you have both been well. I have been leading a very dull life save for a two week trip to England mostly concerned with business. I do want to see you again. Could you both come to lunch on Friday next? [...]".

To the same, in French, cancelling their meeting on Wednesday, as he needs to be in Paris to meet a sick friend arriving on train from Le Havre, suggesting lunch on Friday instead: "Quand je vous ai parlé justement j'ai oublié qu'il fait être à Paris Mercredi pour rencontrer le train [...] du Havre, parceque j'ai un très grand ami souffrant qui arrive. Alors, cela derange tout encore. Pouvez dejeuner au vendredi [...]".

Both letters on headed stationery of the Presbyterie St Etienne. With stamps of the Librairie Stock in Paris.

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