Nansen, Fridtjof, Norwegian explorer and Nobel Peace laureate (1861-1930). Autograph letter signed.

Lysaker near Oslo, 13. V. 1897.

8vo. 1 page on bifolium.


To Andrew Robb of Wishaw, Scotland, thanking for "the Official Report of the enquiry into the failure of the Greely Expedition. I received the book after my return to Norway [from the Harmsworth-Jackson expedition], and it interests me very much. I regard it a valuable addition to my arctic library [...]".

Adolphus Greely had led the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition (1881-84), the first U.S. polar expedition, whose purpose was to establish a meteorological observation station as part of the First International Polar Year and to collect astronomical and magnetic data. Soon running into supply difficulties, the project ended in a fiasco.

On headed paper.

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