Multi-media educational kit on Saudi Arabia and Aramco

[Aramco]. You Discover Saudi Arabia.

New York, Arabian American Oil Co. / You Discover, Inc., 1969-1972.

Educational material on Saudi Arabia, comprising 1 book, 1 Arabian flag, 2 Arabian coins, 2 Arabian stamps, 1 string of worry beads, 24 study posters (17" x 22") and 1 study guide in a cardboard container (33 x 27 x 4.5 cms). Book: Theodore O. Phillips. Getting to Know Saudi Arabia. Illustrated by Haris Petie. NY, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc., 1963, 8th impression, revised 1972. 8vo. 64 pp. Original illustrated wrappers.

Further includes: Documentary still film, 41 frames, colour, 35 mm, stored in waterproof plastic can labelled "You Discover Saudi Arabia Filmstrip". 1971.


Remarkable educational kit issued by Aramco to teachers throughout the U.S. from late 1969 into the early 1970s. In the words of a contemporary Aramco advertisement, "The multi-media 'You Discover Saudi Arabia Kit' is designed to allow teachers to introduce into the classroom by sight and touch, as well as the printed word, many facets of Aramco's operations in Saudi Arabia and some of the economic-sociologial aspects of life in that country". The kit includes a miniature flag of Saudi Arabia, sample coins, stamps, and worry beads, as well as an introductory booklet on Saudi Arabia and extensive information on the country, its geography, history, and culture, spread out on 24 folding instructional posters. While the book is directed at juvenile audiences, the posters and the study guide that accompanies them appear designed to be used in junior and senior college classes. Containing a wealth of information for expats, the set was also made available to university graduates considering a career in the oil industry.

A slightly later example with the book revised in 1972, this set is remarkable for including the separately issued 1971 documentary film to go with the kit. Comprising two titles and 39 captioned stills, it provides a brief overview of the people, history, topography, culture, economic development, and future of Saudi Arabia.

In the original cardboard box with shipping label addressed to the Meade Public Library, Kansas. Box a little grease-stained, otherwise in excellent state throughout.


OCLC 2959261, 2723896.

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