[London Conference]. Photograph from the London Conference.

London, International News Photos, 17. II. 1939.

208 x 255 mm. Original black-and-white photograph. Typescript caption in English mounted on the reverse.


Original press photograph of the Palestinian delegation to the 1939 London Conference, meeting with Prime Minister Chamberlain and other British officials in St. James's Palace. The conference was called by the British Government to plan the future governance of Palestine and an end of the Mandate. It took place between 7 February and 17 March 1939.

The photograph shows the Palestinian delegates sitting in the foreground, including Jamal Al-Husseini, Amim Tamimi, Fuad Saba, Yaqub Al-Ghussein, Musa Alami, Awni Abdul Hadi, George Antonious, and Alfred Roch. Facing are the British, with Neville Chamberlain presiding. To his right is Lord Halifax, and to his left, Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald. Famously, MacDonald held a series of separate meetings with the Palestinian and Zionist delegations, because the Palestinian delegation refused to sit in the same room as the Zionists, a circumstance also indicated by the caption on the photograph: "Meetings have to be in two sections since Arabs refuse to meet in same room with their Jewish rivals".

Coming to an end after five and a half weeks, the conference remained inconclusive, the British announcing proposals which were later published as the 1939 White Paper.

Corners slightly creased; one small tear to lower margin, not affecting image.

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