Paul V, Pope (i. e. Camillo Borghese, 1552-1621). Papal bull.

Rome, 13. VIII. 1615.

Imperial oblong folio (625 x 480 mm). Latin manuscript on vellum. 1 p. With Paul's lead bulla attached on a red and yellow cord.


Beautiful bull from the eleventh year of Paul's pontificate (1605-21), regulating the Confraternity of White Penitents in the city of Toulouse, with instructions concerning their obligations, religious exercises, chapel, etc., and granting indulgences to the city. Decorated with large floral initials of the first line and two initials on the plica.

Countersigned by several members of the Papal Chancery. Traces of folds. Ink faded or slightly faded in places. Upper margin partly bent.

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