Pissarro, Camille, painter (1830-1903). Autograph letter signed.

No place or date, "Dimanche Soir", [not before 1892].

8vo. 1¼ pp. on bifolium.


To his wife Julie Vellay with family news concerning a possible journey to Marseille by Ruth Bensusan-Butt, instead of Ruth's sister and Camille's daughter-in-law Esther Levi Bensusan (1870-1951), whom Pissarro convinced to stay with her sick husband Lucien Pissarro, whose health is gradually improving, so that Julie might not have to go to Paris: "Esther t'a écrit-aujourd'hui pour te dire qu'elle partait à Marseilles, J'ai persuadé Esther de ne pas quitter son mari, de sorte que nous allons voir à arranger autrement ce voyage, Ruth fera probablement ce voyage à sa place. Ne te déranges pas pour aller à Paris. Lucien est beaucoup mieux il a passé une heure sur la terrasse au soleil et-s'en est trouvé très bien, au revoir à demain / C. Pissarro / je n'ai pas de timbre le Dimanche".

Camille and Julie (1839-1926) married in Croydon, England, in 1871; they had met some ten years earlier when Julie came to the parental home in Montmorency as maid. Their first two of altogether seven children were born illegitimately, which caused Pissarro's father, scandalized by this mesalliance, to cut Camille's allowance. Ruth Bensusan-Butt (1877-1957) would go on to become the first female medical doctor in Colchester.

Counter-leaf clipped at half length. Well preserved with only a small edge tear and one margin slightly browned.

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