Raoul Dufy and André Level's "La Peau d'Ours"

Dufy, Raoul, French painter (1877-1953). Autograph letter signed.

Paris, 10. IV. 1914.

8vo. 1 p. on bifolium.


To the art collector André Level, confirming the receipt of a letter and a checque from the proceeds of the sale of Level's so-called "Peau de l'Ours" art fund: "Je vous accuse réception de votre lettre du 7 ct. et de votre chèque, part des 20% que 'la Peau de l'Ours' avait décidé de distribuer à ses peintres. Je vous remercie. Voulez-vous être mon interprète, auprès de tous les membres de votre association, de mes meilleurs sentiments et accepter pour vous toute".

André Level (1863-1947) discovered his interest in modern art during a visit of the salon d'automne of 1903. As early as 1904 he decided to create the first-ever fund for the collection of modern art and found eleven associates, each contributing 250 francs for purchases every year. Together they built a collection of 145 paintings by such eminent artists as André Derain, Kees van Dongen, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Odilon Redon, and Georges Rouault. The works were acquired based on mutual decision, some exhibited, and distributed among the associates by lot. After ten years the collection was to be sold at auction, with 20% of the proceeds going to the artists - thus the name "la Peau de l'Ours", in reference to the idiom, "do not sell the skin until you have caught the bear". The auction at Drouot on 2 March 1914 surpassed all expectations and was celebrated as a triumph of modern art, realizing more than 100,000 francs. Raoul Dufy was among the beneficiaries.

Minimally stained.

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