Ottoman manuscript tables

[Calendar]. Ottoman manuscript calendar.

[Ottoman Turkey, ca. 1840s].

8vo (117 x 198 mm). Arabic and Ottoman Turkish manuscript on paper. 6 ff. Black script in rubricated rows and columns, with titles picked out in red. Contemporary blue floral paper wrappers.


Interesting Ottoman calendrical tables. Across the top of each page, columns are numbered in Arabic Abjad numerals 1 through 60, running continuously throughout the entirety of the text; along the right margin thirty rows are labelled 1-60 on each page, each row being counted twice to make room.

Ottoman calendrical and astronomical tables tended to be used to track the movement of the planets in the zodiac, the sun, and the moon, and use these data points to calculate holidays, festivals, and prayer.

Some wear, marginal and endpaper annotations.