[Bullfighting]. Collection of autographs by famous Spanish toreros of the 1920s: Guerrita, Bombita, Fortuna, Rodolfo Gaona, Marcial and Pablo Lalanda, Vicente Pastor, and Antonio Cañero.

Cordoba, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, 1922-1931.

8 sets of autographs laid down to album leaves, including original envelopes, numerous photo reproductions and newspaper clippings.


Fine collection of autographs by great bullfighters, assembled by the young Uruguayan nobleman Alejandro Zorrilla de San Martin (1909-87; Foreign Affairs Minister from 1963 to 1965 and grandson of José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín, the National Poet of Uruguay) by direct application. Rafael Guerra Bejarano (1862-1941), known as "Guerrita", signs a three-line inscription (8 Oct. 1923), as does Rodolfo Gaona Jiménez (1888-1975, signs 25 July 1925). Marcial Lalanda del Pino (1903-90), immortalized in Hemingway's "Death in the Afternoon", signs a nine-line dedication on 1 June 1926, while his cousin Pablo Lalanda Gutiérrez (1902-1936) signs the illustrated card on May 12. Ricardo Torres Reina (1879-1936), known as "Bombita", signs on 31 May 1922; Vicente Pastor y Durán, "El Chico de la blusa" (1879-1966), writes a four-line inscription on 28 July 1931. Diego Mazquiarán Torrontegui "Fortuna" (1895-1940) sends his admirer a five-line inscription on 28 April 1928. Antonio Cañero Baena (1885-1952) sends a six-line signed inscription and includes a signed original photograph (undated, but July/August 1926).

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