Neutra, Richard, Architekt (1892-1970). 2 (1 eigenh. und 1 ms.) Brief mit eh. U.

Los Angeles, 12. VI. 1940 bzw. "Wednesday".

Zusammen (1+1 =) 2 SS. auf 2 Bll. Gr.-4to.


An den Graphiker und Architekten James Blanding Sloane (1886-1975): "I have now visited La Villita and have tentatively drawn up such a crafts center to be erected adjacent to a Mexican Housing Project on which I was and am the consultant. I am sending you a blueprint and request that you write on it with coloured pencil your suggestions concerning each of the planned workshops, also recommendations as to machines and powertools which according to your experience may be used in these various shops [...]" (12. VI. 1940).

"Thank you so much for your letter. This would be the thing if Dove was too in N. M. while I am inspecting the center there. We could settle everything at once and your appointment too. Here everything goes a little sleepy. Dione and myself we shall arrive just at dinner time, figure after dinner [...] and can we call you over the phone? [...]" ("Wednesday").

Jeweils auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf.

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